With the increased focus on quality and accountability in the health and social services sectors, mentoring and coaching plays a vital part in supporting the training and professional development of staff members.

Mentoring can have a powerful and positive influence on students as they study and work towards qualification. If mentoring is an area that interests you – either as a recipient, mentor, resource provider, funder or thinker we need to hear from you.

We develop, promote and set the standards for best practice in the mentoring and coaching of trainee counsellors and student psychotherapists. Our aim is simply to provide help, guidance and support to students of counselling or psychotherapy trainees by way of our mentoring services.

Counselling & Psychotherapy Student Coaching

Our mentoring service ensures that participating students and trainees will learn the skills and achieve the qualifications they need to deliver counselling and therapy services of the highest standards.

Our vision is to be the ‘go to’ resource for mentoring, coaching and development services for psychotherapists, counsellors, physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, mental health professionals, doctors, nurses and managers.

We’re looking for professional therapists who have successfully navigated their way through the challenging and demanding training process and survived to tell the tale.

As part of your role as mentor, you will be responsible for helping the trainee or student to navigate their way through a similar process,

Health & Social Services Mentors & Work Coaches

If you are an experienced counsellor or psychotherapist we need your knowledge and expertise to ensure this mentoring programme is a continued success.

We seek to build connections with mentors and coaches to create an online hub where counselling or psychotherapy students can find advice, guidance, support and access to best practice and professional development resources.

We work with organisations and practitioners to promote safe and effective practice in counselling or psychotherapy student mentoring.