Your relationship with yourself is the foundation for everything.  Self-care is everywhere, and everywhere there are messages all over social media telling you that you just need to love yourself, and take time for self care.

No one is born liking or disliking themselves. We are born with an organismic, innate belief of being worthy of affection from parents, caregivers and people around us from our early lives.  We are the only animal whose sense of keep on keeping on, depends upon the welcome accorded to us by those who made us.

Our sense of self is assembled out of the reaction of those first around us.  Early voices of authority and people around us can be ingested, internalized and believed, especially the ones that hurt us, invalidate and diminish our sense of self-worth.  Tell us we are stupid or withheld love when we don’t come up to others expectations.   What you tell yourself, remember those harsh critical inner voices,  were always once, outer voices.

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Did you incorporate a voice that separates love from achievement?  If only it was as simple as just deciding one day that you’re going to like yourself to love yourself, and then, you just do. Genuinely liking yourself whatever your outward circumstances and achievements, gives you important insights into your life.

We have unconditional love for others — yet we to often struggle to extend that to ourselves, or even think about that. Often we are even unaware of how we talk to ourselves, treat ourselves Like any relationship, it takes time, it takes intention and it takes effort.

Eliminate self-criticism and introduce self-compassion. … Affirm your real worth. Therapy and the transformative process can help to understand ourselves better. You may want help for dealing with a serious problem, or perhaps you want to develop and self-improve. Sometimes in life, we need to relearn to love someone we very unfairly hate beyond measure: ourselves.

find calm, self-understanding, resilience and connection – especially during troubled times.

Psychotherapy can help make a decent life, even better, and for when life feels unbearably difficult,  to be able to make sense out of your inner climate find calm, self-understanding, resilience and connection