The intense counselling and psychotherapeutic training process has, and will always stay with me. As I learned and my personal development grew, my awareness expanded. The at times painful journey was experienced as enlightening, terrifying, and beautifully complex, with moments of despair leading me to new deeper insightful discoveries and new ways of looking at or perceiving life.

Completing the course was personally challenging and at the same time extraordinarily rewarding. I can only describe the process as ‘excruciatingly illuminating.’

I felt I had had a calling I had started to learn, I experienced the language as something I had known my whole life, but just didn’t have the articulation, or felt there was any where to go to translate what I knew in my soul. The only tool you have is you.  Unlike other subjects, most enter into counselling training later in life, after some lived life.  People often want to train after going through therapy themselves.  I identify as a wounded healer.

Having been a student I would very much like to offer myself as a counsellor for other students learning on there own unique journey.   I wholly believe that personal counselling is essential as is personal development in order to be a fully effective authentic therapist.

Attending personal therapy brings rich learnings which can inform future clinical work but can also positively impact learning in the course, and lifelong personal development.   Some of the processes experienced in personal therapy are completely new, and others seem familiar from course learnings; bringing textbook materials to life. The process can enhance the student’s understanding of what the client may experience in their therapeutic process

Personal counselling improves comprehension of interpersonal dynamics which can then increase students’ understanding of the aims of therapy, reducing the likelihood of transference reactions, and  Improves and enhances the trainee’s emotional and intellectual functioning.