Living alongside another in an intimate relationship can be one of the hardest things we can do in life.

Communication and the breakdown of are common when a couple is physically, intelligently and emotionally in touch, over a long period of time, especially nowadays with all the often, unrealistic expectations we put on another to make us happy and fulfilled.

We are saturated with the idea of a “soulmate”, and “The one”, gliding into our lives in an almost divinatory fashion, to make us happy and have our happy ever after. This isn’t real life or how we experience it, once the honeymoon period is over, and the beautiful work begins.

Making the brave decision to go into therapy together can help you better understand each other, improve communication, to restore harmony and intimacy. The confidential space I hold for couples provides a therapeutic environment where each can be heard and can hear themselves in the relationship.

One of the myths of couple counselling is that the counsellor can “Fix”, the relationship. I can’t fix but I believe I can help you to facilitate positive change, or assist with an amicable break up after the work done in practice.

Another myth or fear that couples may have pre-therapy is that they will be told they are wrong and the other is right. There is no wrong since both are right from their own perspective.

Couples counselling can help you both move from the “blame game” to looking at what happens to you as a process and help you identify repetitive, negative interaction cycles as a pattern.

I believe everything worthwhile involves effort, and you as a couple have the seeds of growth between you to elucidate a deeper awareness for a more enriched union.