I consider myself primarily as a relational counsellor, working in a pluralistic approach as an existentially informed person centred therapist.

I came to qualify as a counsellor many years after what I can describe as, early philanthropic leanings and an insatiable desire to understand the complexities of being a human. Now, in my early fifties, with a deeper life experience, affords me somewhat, to look back a little. In my previous helping profession roles, on the front line, alongside others, and how I got, well, here.

From supporting and working with many and various people all ages,  with multifaceted individualistic needs in both urban and rural environments, the challenges, the ultimate privilege of being a part of helping others to help themselves,  On reflection, I believe was an intense calling to utilise both personal life and professional experiences to the furtherance of what I endeavour to provide today.

Previously I have worked in educational environments under student services in Shropshire and the Midlands. I was involved in differing posts supporting adult and young homeless people and their families. I also counselled for a Rights and Fairness Charity and Domestic abuse service in the North West and Cheshire alongside other agencies and charities.

I’ve attainted invaluable insight and many beautiful and painful, yet, invaluable life lessons from the experience of working on the ground in mental health services, women’s services, young people in education to homelessness, mental health issues, drug and alcohol services, to supporting people in the criminal justice system.

I am passionate about the human condition and becoming honest with ourselves, to be more trusting of our own experiences, feelings, desires and surviving life`s traumas and our personal relationships with others and the world we inhabit.

Satisfying and fulfilling Relationships are what we naturally desire the most, to love and to be loved, yet often are the most challenging through our lives, at the same time, the most rewarding.

I am in my early fifties,  identifying somewhat with being a wounded healer, with much of my learning coming from outside of the classroom, informing my practice and continues to do so.

The therapeutic relationship I am offering is to help you find a way to transform the shape of your suffering and how it’s living inside or outside of you.


  • Post Graduate Certificate in Psychotherapy and Counselling (Edgehill University Ormskirk).
  • Advanced Post Diploma Certificate in Relationship Counselling (Chester University).
  • Working with Couples Counselling Cert. (Chester University).
  • Relate Counsellor. ( Relate Birmingham).
  • Suicide Awareness Cert. (MIND. Newtown Powys).
  • Substance Misuse @ Alcohol Awareness Cert. (F.D.A.P) Federation of drug @ alcohol practitioners.
  • Micro teach @ Facilitator Cert. ( Mercia net Training Shropshire)
  • Domestic Violence Advisor Cert. (Women’s Aid Coventry).
  • Brief Intervention Techniques Cert. (Oak Training).

“The pain is there when you close a door on it, it knocks to come in somewhere else”.