What Goes Wrong For Women?

Relationships – The most challenging, yet the most rewarding experiences of our lives… Relationships can be really tough – whether that’s your relationship with your partner, your family, friends or work colleagues. Therapy can help you work through any issues with your relationships and make better choices. Working with an experienced counsellor can help you find a way through any relationship challenges you are having.

Sibling Relationships – Family positioning and dynamics can leave us resorting to old painful patterns and be indescribably painful and dysfunctional throughout adult lives.  I can help you address communication issues and facilitate a more satisfying, more effective way to be able to appreciate and enjoy your loved ones in a more healthy way, or to identify when to walk away..

Couples Counselling – Intimate relationships and all the options, questions they bring…shall we have children?, how to make a blended family work, surviving divorce, wether or not to stay together, communication problems, resentments…let me help untangle and facilitate in gaining understanding, finding ways to listen to your self and your partner, clarification and healthy ways forward.

Bereavement and loss – Loss can take a wide variety of forms; it can be loss of a loved one, loss of a relationship, a role or a job and it can bring up a wide range of emotions including guilt and anger. Most people benefit from speaking openly about their feelings to help ease the process and resolve any remaining issues. Talking through what’s happened and your feelings can help you come to terms with events and find your purpose again.

Illness – Suffering from a long-term illness such as cancer or dementia can turn anyone’s world upside down. Working with me can help you come to terms with your illness while offering emotional support and coping mechanisms.

Stress and anxiety – Most of us have feelings of stress and anxiety at some points. Working with me will give you practical strategies for managing these kinds of issues, as well as allowing you the space to vent your frustrations and feelings.

Understanding unhelpful thoughts, ideas of self, not feeling good enough?…poor self worth… we can unpack those inner voices and begin to understand the source and find a way to a more healthy, kinder, self- fulfilling place, become more comfortable in our own skin….

Low self-esteem – Low self-esteem can affect all aspects of our lives, I can help you move forward in a more positive way.

Low mood and depression – While things may feel hopeless and impact on people around you, with the right support you can find a way forward.

Life transitions – Transitions can trigger your fears and anxiety; but, they also give you a chance to discover what you want out of life.