What’s Wrong With Failure?

The Importance Of Failing In Life

In the light of the now, previous American president, responding to failing…. absolute intolerance! There were and are far reaching consequences of Donald Trump’s outward behaviour to his inner struggle of not being able to tolerate, not winning and being a looser, (Looser, often used in his own vocabulary, in one up man ship perspective) …… I ruminate on……. “Failing”

A small child makes many, “failed”, attempts to learn to walk. Its very rare that a child just stands up and can walk, but yes it can happen.

There are wobbles in our learning before we each get up and get it right, then we need to work on feeling secure, right?  There are many memes on the importance of making mistakes, so much learning comes in truly and spectacularly, “getting it wrong” style, that the massive amount of pain worked through can teach us about us if we decide to look at it as useful…….when we are ready.

What`s wrong with failing?

One of the most important enlightening senses humans possess is pain. Pain can allow us to learn very quickly, increase our depth of self- awareness, personal development, and of course emotional intelligence.  If we can learn to listen to it, to be kind in that process and what we say to ourselves, it is of value.

though it hurts so much, something good is happening here. Looking for the greater message of the experience and expect it to, eventually, turn out for the good. Recognizing this gets easier with practice, after the initial painful moment. Life is fluid, thankfully, and experience is a reliable teacher.

There really is value in failure. Through failures, don’t we get to know ourselves better? Failures make us rethink, reconsider, and find new ways and strategies to achieve. . . … Without failure, we’d be less capable of compassion, empathy, kindness, and great achievement; we would be less likely to reach for the moon and the stars.

Surviving failure gains irreplaceable knowledge and the unstoppable perseverance born from overcoming hardship.

With every small or big change in our lives, our values are reshaped. Value is one of the greatest lessons that failure could teach us in our lives. Failure keeps us grounded, teaching us to value all the right things in order to succeed….

. … Without failure, we’d be less capable of compassion, empathy, kindness, and personal achievements. We would be less likely to reach for the moon and the stars.

Failure is temporary, and failure is good even if, undeniably, it feels bad when it happens.

When you’re not afraid of failing, you’re more likely to take risks….

People can and do stop themselves from trying to do some things in life, for fear of failure.  One thing that will stop a dream being achieved is the fear of failure….

Failure is success if we learn from it………………

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